Hi Mountain Western Style Rib Rub 285g


Hi Mountain Rib Rub has all the flavor that you want – made with honey and all the spices that make ribs taste delicious.

Rub Blends come in large bottles with dual action flip lids for spooning or shaking, ideal for those who have a passion for cooking.

For best results, store Hi Mountain Rub Blends out of heat, sunlight and moisture. Be sure to transfer your Hi Mountain Bulk Rub Blends to an airtight container after you open the shaker.

Ingredients:  Paprika, dehydrated garlic, salt, dehydrated onion, honey granules (refinery syrup, honey), black pepper, mustard, silicon dioxide (anti-caking), cayenne pepper, soybean oil (refined to be allergen free).

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Weight 0.345 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm