Channel Vacuum Sealer Roll Bag (22cm x 10m)


Why Vacuum Sealing is Great, because it vastly improves the shelf-life of meat!

Vacuum sealing removes most of the air inside the package to prevent oxidation (causing rancidity or darkening in colour) and inhibit the growth of most pathogens—both important factors in a food’s decay, or spoilage.

Other benefits include that vacuum-sealed food will freeze better. As its near impossible to develop freezer burn, and what’s more that when it comes time to defrost the impermeable layer is very handy when submerging the item in water (always the best method!). You can use a vacuum sealer to keep meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, liquid foods and dry goods fresher longer. Essentially, it’s a way to extend your eating season. Warm-weather crops will only last until the first frost, but if sealed and frozen, foods such as capsicum, zucchini and strawberries can remain on your menu for months. Ripe red tomatoes can be processed into homemade marinara sauce and preserved for future pasta dishes. 

Tip for Meat: Open the bag up and let it breathe for an hour or so before cooking. Don’t be put off by a smell that often comes when the bag is first opened. This is caused by the meat sweating in the vacuum environment and is totally normal and quickly disappears when exposed again to oxygen. Also, most discolouration will quickly come back to normal with red meats after some time in normal oxygen-rich air. 

Width: 22cm

Length: 10 Meters per Roll; 1 Roll (total 10 Meters).

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Channeled Domestic Vacuum Sealer Bags

Width: 22cm

Length: 10 Meters per Roll; 1 Roll (total 10 Meters).

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