Tuffin Butchers and Abattoirs Small Red Belt (31″-37″/79-94cm)




Tuffinbelt ultra hard wearing polyurethane butchers utility belts set the standard for quality, function and comfort. Fully designed and constructed to our own original component specifications for years of tough professional work.

Hand built in Australia by the same family for over 50 years, they are used in all stages of commercial meat production – from the largest export abattoirs and meat processing facilities through to wholesale cold rooms and retail butcher shops.

Worn over the clothes and apron, our belts are used to carry a knife pouch and sharpening steel. Developed with hygiene as a primary focus, they are non-absorbent and resistant to oil and grease. Easy to clean and safely steam sterilize.

Tuffinbelts are made from food contact approved BASF® solid extruded polyurethane containing no PVC (vinyl), rubber, silicone or plasticisers. A recyclable material that is also a true industrial grade plastic with unique properties in terms of strength, resilience and durability. Combining elasticity and stability over a wide range of temperatures, it demonstrates high resistance to cutting, tear propagation and abrasion.

The belts feature a fixed side attachment comprising a loop of clear polyurethane cord and push clip to hold a sharpening steel. Both the side clip and main belt buckle hardware are premium nickel-plated steel, custom made in England.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 79-94 cm